Your Support Is Needed

For over a century, All Saints has served the community of New Eltham. Our church has provided a safe, uncomplicated place for regular, weekly, worship and to celebrate the many annual festivals in the Christian calendar, such as Easter, Harvest and Christmas.

It is a church where many have been christened, where many have been married, and where the loss of loved ones has been mourned.

Each year the War Memorial, set in our gardens, becomes the focal point for many to gather and remember those who gave their lives in the First and Second World Wars and in subsequent conflicts.

Our church hall is home to community groups covering all ages and for a wide range of events that include our annual Michaelmas Fair each September and our Family Fun Day in mid-summer.

Without the generous support of many who live in the parish and others, who no longer live in the parish, but who have benefitted from the services and facilities we offer, All Saints New Eltham would not exist today.

Easyfundraising update – November 2020

Thank you to our 23 supporters, who have now generated £663.61, for All Saints, at no cost to themselves. With the £28.48 generated last quarter winging its way to our bank account. So far these funds have been put towards replacing damaged gutters, and repairing flat roof surfaces, money that would otherwise have had to come from funds we currently need just to keep the church running. 

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Thank you for your support, every penny counts.

Financial update from the APCM

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting was held on Sunday 27th September 2020 having been postponed from April due to Covid. On the agenda was the presentation of the Annual accounts for the year ended 31st December 2019 and for those that could not be at the open meeting the following are extracts from the Treasurers report.

Payments were in excess of receipts by £788 on the general fund, and the restricted funds decreased by £15,896.

This year planned giving, which together with the associated Gift Aid decreased by £4,386 as a result of recent joiners moving, wiping out previous TRIO generated gains, and members redirecting their giving to restricted funds. General collections also decreased by £256. The decrease in planned giving, coupled with the pledged increase of £400 in Parish Share for 2020, probably means a Parish Share level of £29,000 is unsustainable without further action.

We are very grateful to those who give regular amounts via the planned giving scheme envelopes and increasingly by standing order. It is so important for budgeting as we now have to pledge our parish share in advance.

Tax refunds decreased by £5 overall due to reduced claims on the Gift Aid Small Donations (GASD) scheme because of a decrease in eligible donations. Our thanks go to Simon Garson for facilitating new planned giving and Gift Aid signings and to Ruth Barcoleskin for continuing the counting and banking the weekly collections.

The choir income was used pay for RSCM membership, half the cost of the Yamaha Piano and choir practice expenses. Choir & organ expenses increased by £478.

Due to concern that previously choir income had been set against general choir & organ expenses rather than exclusive choir expenses, a new restricted fund was set up specifically to fund Choir Music Purchases. The Choir Music Fund stands at £216.

Church usage income increased by £70. The cost of Church light and heat increased by £481, due to price increases and increased usage. The insurance and water rates increased by £89. The contract with Ecclesiastical includes a ‘rate stability agreement’, which now combines the Church and Hall insurance under one policy, runs until 30th September 2020.

Advertising revenue for the Magazine exceeded the production cost by £581, however this includes advanced advertising space and the additional £400 in cost is due to greater use of colour, larger page content and additional copies in accordance with the mission action plan.

Revenues from fund raising increased by £185, due to new activities (the Bayeaux Tapestry talk and a quiz night) and receipts from the Family Fun day made up for the fall in receipts from the Michealmas Fair and New Eltham Village Festival. ‘MyDonate’ closed its operation in 2019.

Hall income increased by £1,499 due to a long postponed rent increase and a temporary increase in hall use by a number of different regular groups following reopening the hall after a month while the toilets were redeveloped for full disabled facilities. However there was an increase in expenditure of £301, as the energy saved from closing the hall in winter were offset by the cost of redecorating the Hall, Hall corridor and Savage Room.

The cost of redeveloping the Hall toilets (£21,000) was met from the Disabled Facilities Fund, funds being withdrawn from the CBF Deposit fund, with the shortfall of £974 being met from general funds.

The ‘Mission Development Fund’, was used to fund the other half of the Yamaha Piano purchase and support a parishioner in financial difficulty. The shortfall of £525 was met from general funds.

The market value of our CBF Property Fund holding decreased by £444, but generated £913.66 in interest, which is returned to the Deposit Fund.

The market value of our CBF Fixed Securities Fund increased by £107, and generated £200.84 in interest, which is returned to the Deposit Fund.

The CBF Property Fund, held in trust by the diocese, decreased in capital value by £881 but generated a further £1,949 in interest for use in exceptional circumstances.

The above movement of funds resulted in a net annual loss on the general fund of £2,624 in 2019.

Bob Avery, Treasurer (until October 2020)