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July 2017 events

Saturday 1st                    10.00-12.00    Parish Office

11.00 - 2.30     Family Fun Day

Sunday 2nd                    10.00 am         Holy Communion

Thursday 6th                  11.00 am         Holy Communion

Friday 7th                         9 am - 8 pm  Sponsored Bible reading in Church

Saturday 8th                    9 am - 8 pm  Sponsored Bible reading in Church

10.00 - 2.00   CANE Summer Fete (We have a stall)

Sunday 9th                      10.00 am        Holy Communion

  2 pm - 8 pm Sponsored Bible reading in Church

Wednesday 12th            10.30- 12.00   Fair Trade Café

 8.00 pm         PCC in Church

Thursday 13th                11.00 am         Holy Communion

Sunday 16th                   10.00 am         Family Service (Communion

available afterwards in the

Lady Chapel, please let Rita

know in advance if you would

like this)

Thursday 20th               11.00 am          Holy Communion

Sunday 23rd                   10.00 am         Holy Communion

12.30 pm         Baptism Jacob Spalding

Thursday 27th               11.00 am          Holy Communion

Sunday 30th                   10.00 am         Holy Communion

August 2017 events

Thursday 3rd                  11.00 am          Holy  Communion

Sunday 6th                      10.00 am         Holy Communion with

Father Robert Pyne

Wednesday 9th              10.30 - 12.00   Fair trade café

Thursday 11th                 11.00 am          Holy Communion with

Father Brett Ward

Sunday 13th                    10.00 am         Holy Communion with

Father John Francis Friendship

Thursday 17th                11.00 am          Holy Communion with

Mtr. Vienna Mullins

Sunday 20th                   10.00 am         Holy communion with

Father John Francis Friendship

Wednesday 23rd            10.30 - 12.00  Fair trade café

Thursday 24th               11.00 am          Holy Communion

Sunday 27th                   10.00 am         Holy Communion

September 2017 events

Friday 1st                                                   Vicarage Garden Party.


 Please check the weekly news sheet for any changes