Gardens and church grounds

The All Saints New Eltham church is set in beautiful gardens with lawns, mature trees,
shrubs and flowers. There are four main gardens, two of which we are planning to develop
with ideas and help from local schools and other organisations in the Parish.

The Memorial Garden.
As you enter Bishop’s Close, there is a large herbaceous border to your right, filled with roses and flowering shrubs, which is known as the Memorial Garden. There you can see many plaques dedicated to the memory of loved ones.

“I was amazed and very moved how lovely and well cared for their patch is, with a lovely stone path leading around it. Their rose is beautifully pruned and even bears a rosebud.
They are surrounded by friends”. Parishioner, January 2018.

The Monk’s Garden
Between the North end of the Church and the Vicar’s Garden lies a narrow feudal strip with a gate at one end and a shed at the other; a place that only the Mowers and a few gardeners seemed to know about. But now it has become the engines of the All Saints Gardens; a place where compost is made to feed the Memorial Garden and where flowers are grown to decorate the church.

The Lady Chapel and Church Hall Gardens
The gardens outside the Lady Chapel and behind the Church are the gardens that we would like to develop with the New Eltham community as part of our Mission Plan for 2019 – 2020.

Many ideas are already under consideration by the Gardens Team such as a Peace garden or a Sensory Garden or a children’s play area. Keep in touch with this section of our website for future developments.

Neal needs Gardeners!
The gardens could not be maintained without the energy and commitment of volunteer gardeners. On the first Saturday of every month the gardeners meet to dig, weed, prune, lay and clear paths and make compost.

Although on average we get between 12-20 gardeners who regularly turn out and make a huge contribution, we could also do with a few who could commit 2-3 hours on a regular weekly basis.

Geoff needs Mowers!

As many women know, the primary role of many men in gardens, is to mow! Men are especially happy if they manage to mow in straight lines and create stripes at the same time! If they can also use the grass cuttings to make compost, well, it’s close to heaven on earth! We allow them to hibernate in winter, but come spring and summer, we need them to mow.

For further information on how to commemorate a loved one within the Memorial Garden or how to volunteer to help in the All Saints Garden please go to “Contact”.